We are a non-profit organization that relies on donations, and is made up of a group of volunteers with more than 30 years of experience working with children with cancer. Our mission is that “no child goes without treatment due to lack of financial means.”.

At MAGIA – Volunteer Association for Children with Cancer – we have worked and currently work together with the National Institute of Neoplastic Diseases (INEN) in the tireless effort to cover the costs of medicine, transportation, stay, pediatric medical supplies, first aid supplies, vaccines, and expensive medical equipment in order to ensure long-term treatment for children with cancer.

mapa de magia

MAGIA's beneficiaries are children with cancer who have limited financial means and come in every month from Lima and remote villages of the country, accompanied by their family members, to receive treatment in the Pediatrics Department of the INEN. Thanks to the Social Welfare Office of the Pediatrics Department, with the support of the attending physician, we are able to provide help to these families.

We currently provide volunteer work and organize activities in the following cities of Peru: Piura, Cajamarca, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Lima, Ayacucho y Cusco.

At MAGIA ,we are very aware of the huge responsibility that our work demands. It is our seriousness and absolute honesty that inspire people and institutions to trust us and to join our team. Together with the INEN, our objective is to be able to achieve sustainable management, meet the treatment needs of children with cancer, and the overall improvement of their health and quality of life.


MAGIA's founder, Teresa Pasco, who was also founder of the first Pediatric Oncology Services of Peru, has inspired us in a magical way, and because of that we keep moving forward.

She once said during a newspaper interview:

“We want the doctor here! We're waiting for her!" (The call of a child)... "I thought that such an insistent complaint was due to pain. However, when I went there, I found that that stubborn cry had to do with a different need: company, or rather they wanted me to tell them stories or it was just because they were afraid.”

His phrase “CANCER TREATMENT IS 50% MEDICINE AND 50% LOVE" is our daily inspiration.


"That no child with cancer is left without treatment due to lack of financial resources."


"We cover the comprehensive needs of children with low-income cancer and house them in our home, Casa Magia, by following them day by day with qualified personnel."


How did the MAGIA RABBITS come to be?

Legend has it that magicians who visited different towns during festivals carried rabbits in their top hats as a charm and symbol of abundance and good luck. Later on, making rabbits suddenly appear from empty hats “as if by magic" turned into a foolproof way of entertaining an audience.

However, as time went by and as many cultures changed, rabbits became much more significant and symbolic. For example, rabbits began to appear in many different ways with their MAGIC, such as in music, movies, books, and stories. They carry with them a strong energy of hope, renewal and new opportunities, and have become the symbol of many special moments, such as spring, harvest season, romance, and dreams. In short, rabbits have become the messenger that something new is about to arrive. It is from this historical background and symbolism that our MAGIA RABBITS, were made in order to provide company for children with cancer, to help them feel glad; to be patient and brave, so that they can be filled with smiles and hopeful anticipation.

Do you know the three MAGIA RABBITS?

I'm Valentino and I'm eight years old. People say that I'm a dreamer because I love changing things around. When I see something that goes wrong, that a friend is sad or that a toy is broken, I look for the way to make it work again, and I don't stop until I find a solution. I like to be challenged, but more than just winning I try to help my friends so that they can succeed and to encourage them to neeeever give up on their dreams. I'm sure that one of the ways to achieve this is to encourage people by traveling aaaaaalll over the world as a volunteer, so that, more and more people will hear about and know that MAGIC means making the impossible possible.

I'm Alejandra, but people call me Ale. I'm six years old and I like dancing, running, and climbing trees from the park near my house. But, do you know what? I also love going to the beach. In summer I make sandcastles, and in winter I play with stones by trying to make frogs come out of the water. People say that I'm unstoppable, that I never get tired, and they ask me where I get so much energy from, hahaha, but the best thing is that I can spread my cheerful mood to others. I don't know yet what I want to be when I grow up, but what I do know is that I don't want aaaaanyone to ever be sad, because together we can work MAGIC..

My name is Paz and I'm eight years old. I love riding my bike and going around to different places, and afterwards having some ice cream with my mom. I also like putting toys together and taking them apart, building towers with blocks and, above all, I love doing arts and crafts. People always ask me what my secret is for not giving up hope when things don't go my way or when they take longer than expected. I only look at them, take a deep breath, and then I wink and smile. They say that I spread sweetness and serenity wherever I go and that whenever I encounter a problem I stay calm and don’t get frustrated. When I grow up, I want to be a yoga instructor, so that I can help a lot of people stay calmer and for them to be charged with a whole lot of energy in order to work MAGIC..



  • CHAIRWOMAN: Sra. Luisa Graña de Belmont
  • VICE CHAIRWOMAN: Sra. Ada Bayro de Butler
  • SECRETARY: Sra. Aida Barrientos de García
  • TREASURER: Sra. Milagros Piaggio de Tejeda
  • Martha Castillo de González
  • Pilar De La Piedra de González
  • Marina Beretta de Gonzáles
  • Marisol Pérez Martinot de Delgado
  • Sandra Corso de Zuñiga
  • Fabiola Delgado de Navarro
  • Yvonne Maurtua de Belmont
  • Mariella Cobos de Loret De Mola
  • Yvonne Polo de Luna
  • Mosa Philipps De Padilla
  • Deborah Brain de Carvajal
  • Pochi Nuñez de Balarezo
  • Erika Bustos de Ojeada
  • Varinia Moreno Córdova
  • Rosario Arguelles
  • Cecilia Carranza


  • Rafael Picasso Salinas
  • Eduardo Belmont Anderson
  • Gustavo Arróspide del Busto
  • Alex Zimmermann Novoa
  • Antonio Wachtel Aptowitzer
  • Diego Eduardo De la Torre De la Piedra
  • Juan Carlos Gómez de la Torre
  • Juan Luis García León
  • Patricia Mariana Ostolaza Ostolaza
  • Teresa de la Guerra de Chauvet
  • Jorge Milberg Sahores
  • Carlos Penny Bidegaray
  • Sandra Pierantoni de Plevisani
  • Alvaro Carulla Marchena
  • Cecilia Blume Cilloniz
  • Yoel Chlimper Celis
  • Nathan Engelhard


    Amalia Napadenschi
    Connie Hernández
    Sandra Taipe
    María Paucar
    Maria del Carmen Velandres
    Adriana Ballón
    Cristobal Chávez
  • Aurora Silva
  • Elvira Cubas